Turner Pocock for Julian Chichester

“A celebration of ancient techniques and exciting innovation”

“Each piece reveals a remarkable attention to detail”


“As interior designers we are looking to create pieces that improve the way we live in our homes”

Turner Pocock collaborations are born of a combination of two essential elements, an inability to find the product they will be creating elsewhere, and a huge admiration for, and trust in, the person or business they will be collaborating with.  Both prerequisites were met when we began our creative journey with the brilliant furniture designer Julian Chichester.


Like Turner Pocock, Julian manages to combine the traditional with the contemporary and in so doing creates pieces and looks that are truly unique.  His admiration for classic furniture making is combined with a spirit of innovation and innate creativity and the resulting pieces are the perfect heirlooms of the future.


This is a collection of 6 beautifully made pieces that are not only the solution to many design dilemmas but are a celebration of ancient techniques such as the use of Gesso and Vellum, fused with exquisite craftsmanship and exciting contemporary developments.  These are wonderfully versatile and eminently useful pieces, from a genuinely comfortable and stylish dining chair to a traditional feeling desk with expert modern day storage solutions.